Tuesday, April 22, 2008


my sweet boyfriend painting my room

I usually work well under pressure. In fact, some of my best papers, assignments, tests, etc... have been handled under pressure. You might call me somewhat of a procrastinator... Ok take away the somewhat part - I am Totally a procrastinator - but I get it honest - if you know my mother then you understand... However, it works for me. I have 13 days including today to organize, pack, move and clean my old apartment. I also have a midterm & a final the 29th & 30th of this month - yup right before I move. YIKES... Talk about stress! Speaking of stress let's talk about more stress in my life:

(a) Next weekend is my last weekend at J. Alexander's. It is a bitter sweet departure! I mean don't get me wrong I DO NOT enjoy working 50-60 hours a week and trying to do law school - BUT - it was necessary... I mean a girl's gotta eat... Well not necessarily but I do need a roof over my head. My sister and I decided this past Sunday that there was no better time to not be able to afford groceries than bathing suit season. Plus I will miss my friends. I have had that job for almost 2 years. That is where I met my boyfriend, my roommate, and my Bible Study girls - a lot of GREAT people!!! - On a serious note - I am stressed about losing $600-$1000/ month. But, I am having faith that God will provide.

(b) Trying to get my uncle into Rehab. Everytime I think about it I hear Amy Winehouse's whiney song "I don't wanna go to rehab" playing in my head. My uncle has SO much potential to really be somebody, do something with his life and I have faith that HE can. Whether or not HE WILL is totally different. He is 40 years old and has been an alcoholic for 1/2 his life. He has NEVER functioned as a normal adult, not dependent on alcohol... So I understand he is scared and probably doesn't even believe in himself - that he can clean up and do something - But I know God is powerful enough to help even him. I just pray that God gives him the desire & the confidence to change.

(c) I'm stressed for my sister and Matt. I know they are under a tremendous amount of stress. I cannot imagine being in their shoes. Financial stress is bad enough when I worry about taking care of me but they have a baby who is solely dependent on them.
(d) My car: April 5th I was in a wreck. I was backing out of my apt and a girl was destracted and plowed right into me. Hit my back right quarter panel - knocked my bumper loose and basically ripped off part of my passenger quarter panel. Well in good ol' Davidson County if a wreck happens anywhere other than a public street - it is considered private property and they file a report over the phone - basically citing no fault and leaving it up to insurance adjusters to wade thru the he said she said and determine blame. Well to me it seemed clear - she hit me - even the estimator for Geiko said he didn't know how I could drive my car sideways and hit her with my side - there is no damage to the trunk or bumper in the sense of dents or smashed up anything - my tail lights are still perfectly intact - clearly she hit me. Well I file a report with Geiko - they take my statement, pictures and estimate and wait to do the same on the girl who hit me... They just now (2 weeks later) got her statement and then they transferred me to a different claims adjuster - which kinda freaks me out - I have been dealing with the same one since the accident and they get her statement and ship us to another person who listens to a recording of our statements and is supposed to make a decision based on that?? Grrr... Then on my birthday someone steals my headlight cover and snaps off the headlight. Ok, Have I mentioned I have no money - So I have to buy a headlight cover (the plastic shield) please explain when I will have the time or money to do that... Stupid Car!

So add on law school and moving on top of all those things - and you get a little peek of all the things bouncing around inside my head!

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