Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm back. I haven't blogged in awile. I wrapped up my third year of Law School with what looks like solid Bs this year :) so the past few months have been busy busy busy...

A friend of mine who recently became and attorney and handles court appointments

(for people who can't afford an attorney) and she has been blogging about the funny things she has heard - so I decided to steal her idea - I had planned to write funny things I hear in the office or from clients but after visiting my sister & her daughter this past weekends I couldn't resist adding these -

Cow Girl

My niece is 3 and is a prime source for the funny things I hear. Most recent example:

Me: "Ava, those are really cute cowboy boots"

Ava: "Thank you"

Me: "Are you a cowgirl now?"

Ava: "No, I'm a cow Ava"

-- not just "any ol cow girl, eh?

Mary Poppins

Somehow we got on the subject of Mary Poppins and my boyfriend Rich was telling us how he and his brother used to dance & jump around to the song on Mary Poppins - that Burt (Dick Van Dyke) sings - Step in Time & my sister says
"Oh steppy time... yea I remember that one"

and I started laughting and said "what did you just call it"

Kristie: "Steppy time"

Me: "You mean Step IN time?"

Kristie: "No, it's Steppy time, you know they're British - like chappy but it's steppy time"

so naturally we had to google it so I could prove to her it is indeed