Monday, March 8, 2010

Intro to my babies

I don't have my own yet

but I LOVE kids & will tell "my" Kid stories & brag with the best of the mamas
even tho I'm not one:)

"My" Kids include:

Addison age 7, soon to be 8 (3/29) born to my friend Bethany - we've been friends since middle school where we met at church youth group. She stole my heart and gave me the nickname Bebe.
Don't you remember how cool it was to lose teeth? My mom took this last summer.

Ava: my beautiful, blonde blue-eyed smart little neice, who is 2 1/2 going on 15. She loves all things princess and pretty and dresses and skirts. She knows the words to most Disney songs and LOVES to sing. Ava is on the horse. I'm holding Isabelle

Isabelle: my sweet silly, also little blonde beauty, who "loves her Bebe" is almost a "neice" born to my cousin Nicki who I grew up with and we were practically sisters.
Isabelle & Ava are 2 weeks apart (they will be 3 in Aug- or "Awwww -gussss" as Isabelle says) She is Bebe's girl (me) except when she wants to aggravate and then she's "Rich's girl" (my boyfriend). Isabelle is in purple (Ava's in pink) and that horse belongs to Isabelle - in case you couldn't tell.

Brady: My sweet little "all-boy" "nephew" born to my very best friend Jamie, we've been inseparable since age 12-13. He just turned 2 in Feb. & his sweet mama mailed me several photos of her handsome guy!

now my CP Kids

I co-teach 1st graders during the 8:30 service at church and have 7-14
darling little 6-7 year olds to love on :)