Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On My Mind

New Apt.
Shoulder Pain
Law School
Needing to order Bible Study book
Needing to order Law school Study book
Missing Friends
Missing Family
Missing Addison
Missing the babies
wanting to meet Kale & Ella
My birthday in 10 days... turning 25
Looking at my life and feeling good about where I am inspite of the fact I remember years ago picturing 25 differently...
Working out
Time management
Time for friends/family
Needing "me time"
But overall life is good, crazy, hectic, happy, cranky, good & bad hair days, loving and being loved spending every day greatful to God for it all!

1 comment:

Tiana said...

YEAH!!! I am so happy that you are doing this Bebe! I also love the shout out I got in your email! I love how the Lord picks our friends, and when we grow together our lives influence one another! I look up to you so much! You are soooo busy, but you are always right on time and ready to serve your friends! You are the first to show up, and that last one left cleaning. I aspire to be like that! Your good works do not go unnoticed, and I know that God will bless you greatly! MY cup runneth over for love for you! Your name is daily in my prayers! Keep up the JOURAL!!!! I will be on here often to check on you! Always love, Tiana