Monday, September 21, 2009

Football weekend leads to Monday Mourning

My football weekend began Sat morning at Cross Corner Bar in Brentwood to watch the first half of the Penn State game. If you know me, you know I could care less about Penn State but Rich loves them so I must fake some interest. And Cross Corner is a Penn State Bar and probably the only place in Nashville that cares about PENN STATE (sorry Rich). You are in Big Orange country!

Then we went to Nicki's to watch Isabelle and the UT/ Florida game. To which I must say I joined the pessimistic pattys and expected this to be an UGLY game. I was scared. After the UCLA game I was extremely nervous!
But NO - my good ol' boys in Orange held them to only a ten point win (people were predicting 40+ point win for FL) Not too shabby, they put up a good fight and put some fear in ol Tebow who I can now say - I am SO GLAD we don't have to play against him anymore. Good luck in the NFL *cough* Cough*

When Eric Berry caught the interception - Isabelle yelled GO VOLS unprompted! I am so proud - and I have to say I really love her pigtails!! I've gotta get her some orange bows!

On Sunday we had my football day! Yes, sorry I have to admit I love the NFL more. While I was raised a UT fan from birth (and I still AM)- my heart truly belongs to the TITANS. Maybe it's because they are here in Nashville and I can go to as many home games as I want. Either way - I love football! I also love 2 tickets for $20 on the fifty yard line!

and Rich loves for me to take his picture. He actually thinks I am a big dork :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No One Puts Baby In the Corner

This has been a rough year for celebrity deaths!

Yesterday, Patrick Swayze lost his 20 month long battle with pancreatic cancer.
I have very vivid memories from childhood of watching and LOVING Patrick Swayze.

I remember watching dirty dancing for the first time in 4th grade at a slumber party and then practicing our dance moves.

Crying when my mom sold our VHS copy of Ghost at a yard sale. (ok maybe I didn't cry but I was not happy!)

And watching RoadHouse with my dad - how cool was he!

Buying the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing at least twice... and come to think of it... I'm not sure where it is... might have to buy it a 3rd time.
My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Rest in peace Patrick Swayze.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009