Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year
A New Year is here - I love the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings :)

This also brings a new school year for me (mine begin in Feb) and it is also
the FINAL school year for me... Countdown to Dec 3, 2011 GRADUATION

This is also a time to set goals and dreams for 2011, so here goes
(in no particular order)

To be a better student
to be a better girlfriend
to be more patient
to be a better sister/ daughter/ cousin (etc)
to be intentional in setting time for relationships
to take more me time
to give more God time
to make better eating choices
to cook more
to set aside more gym time
to give more time to my friends
to send more cards
to blog more
to save more money

ok that's all for now :)
Here's to HIGH hopes for 2011