Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Recap of 2009

Hard to believe 2009 is coming to a close...

2010 - How weird -

I've decided to either say 2010 or just 10,
0-10 just isn't flying with me... What's your preference?

Anyways here is a Recap of my busy year:

January 1, was rang in in Buffalo, NY with Rich, followed by my first trip to Niagara Falls.
January 23-25 spent the weekend in a cabin in the woods with my mom & friends (so relaxing!)
February 1, Steelers win the Super Bowl.
February 10, I started my 2nd year of Law School.
February 14, was celebrated in Fall Creek Falls - which was not spectacular - the falls usually have MUCH more water than they did this February!

February 18 Brady turned One!

February 27 saw Selah in concert

March 21 My friend Alex's little boy Kale turned One!

March 29 Addison turned 7 years old!

April 12 My 26th birthday fell on Easter this year - had dinner with Jamie and Ken at Ellendale's and went to Cirque de Soleil, and my parents and little brother came up and went to church with me :)

April 21st Rich's 27th birthday - we went to dinner at Hermitage Steakhouse and shopping at Opry Mills
April 24 I moved again, and saw Dave Matthews Band in concert again

May 1, Finished moving, cracked my tailbone moving stuff downstairs in the rain :(
Began teaching 1st grade small group at Cross Point Community Church and I LOVE it - I think I have learned more than the kids have!!

May 15 Dan's annual Cinco de Mayo party

May 16 saw Elton John and Billy Joel in concert (AMAZING again - picture is Billy Joel bowing to Elton John) at this concert Rich and I randomly ended up having seats right beside our friends Casey & Kimmer - We scalped our tickets and had NO idea that they were going to the concert... talk about coincidence!!

May 23-29 Family vacation in Florida w/ Rich

June - took an extra class during the month of June, contemplated suicide... Worked 8-5 Mon - Fri and had class Mon, Tues and Wed 6-10
what was I thinking! But I got an A so all is good in the end :)

July 4 Flew to New York to celebrate the 4th and Rich's little sister's high school graduation - her party was on Lake Erie and it was BEAUTIFUL!

July 18- 23 All Girls Cruise = what a BLAST!

August 1 My best friend Jamie moves to Johnson City when her husband is transferred with his job :(

August 12 Philip Everett Robertson (my boss' kid) makes his grand entrance to the world

August 14 my beautiful niece Ava Grace turns two years old

August 21 my little (ok 6'3 isn't little) brother turned 18 and is a SENIOR this year

August 22 took all the babies to see Elmo and had joint bday party

August 30 Isabelle my other beautiful niece turned two
Football season begins - GO VOLS and TITANS!!
September 12 our friends Amanda & Chris got married - such a fun reception!

Titans go 0-6, football season is suddenly not nearly as fun for me!

October 15-19 ANOTHER ALL girl Cruise 4 days had a blast - til I came home sick :(

Titans Bye week - Fisher and Bud Adams have a heart to heart and Vince Young is made starting QB, and ....

Nov 1 Titans beat Jacksonville and yours truly sat about 8 rows off the field - we're talking close enought that I could SEE Jevon Kearse's earrings
Nov 11 Successfully finished and PASSED my 2nd year of LAW SCHOOL!!!

Nov 14 our friends Casey and Kimmer got married - another really really fun reception

Nov 15 Titans Bills game :) ha ha sorry Bills fans (my boyfriend) GO TITANS

Nov 26 Thanksgiving in Jackson
Nov 29 Titans beat the Cardinals with 4 seconds left in the game, watched it at Dave and Busters the whole place went NUTS

Dec 3 I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed - with basically no problems afterward other than 7 day liquid diet - nice little pre Christmas weight loss plan

Dec 11 Office Christmas Dinner/ Party SO MUCH FUN - I truly love my job and ALL of my co-workers :)

Dec 12 went to Gatlinburg to see my best friend and my best little man for shopping and relaxing - I forget how much I love the Smoky Mountains - they are SO beautiful!!

Dec 19 Casey & Kimmer host an Ugly Christmas Sweater party and Rich won!! Thanks Mom for our sweaters :)

Dec 25 Christmas in Memphis - such a blessing to have all the family together!

Dec 31 we head out to Orlando to ring in the New Year in Florida on the menu is: LIstening to the UT game, attending the Penn St/ LSU game (boy he's lucky I look good in blue ;) right? It's hurts to abandon my SEC loyalties), Disney World, Sea World, drive home... Whew

Happy New Years Everyone - Looking forward to sharing 2010 with you!!