Thursday, April 3, 2008


Sometimes it is really easy to focus on the negative things and let them bring you down... so to help me focus on the positive and not be stressed, short-tempered, irritated, impatient I am going to try to focus on the things I am greatful for! (which is a lot!)
------- God's endless love and grace.
My family - esp Mom & Tommy - they do so much for me!
Rich not getting mad at me when I am cranky (which is pretty frequent these days)
Healthy Babies born in the last 8 months - Ava Grace, Isabelle Marie, Asher Noah, Brady Dean, Ella Skye, and Kale Hudson
My Job, (at the law firm) My raise My co-workers
My bosses - I am very greatful to work for 3 of the greatest attorneys in Nashville!
Having almost all of my family in TN - this is something that I have mostly taken for granted
I am thankful that it is almost Spring and then it will be almost Summer
Law School - it is hard, overwhelming, stressful, long boring classes (sometimes), interesting information (sometimes) but nonetheless I am greatful to be there...
All of my Friends
Tiana - for her wisdom, encouragement, compassion, concern, inspiration and her friendship... her ability to be a "light" in the world - esp. mine - Her love for God & her Friends is such an encouragement!
(also thankful for her opportunity to intern in NY this summer)
Zea - for her dedication, loyalty, neuroticness (sp?) for her ability to be the friend who is sympathetic & empathetic and lets you vent without trying to advise or fix!!
My mother - for being the "fixer" in my life - the giver of advise - not always the most sympathetic or empathetic, will be the first to tell me when I am "in the right" or "in the wrong" though at the time it is not always appreciated- it is always needed!! For her endless support and love, for the being the one I can bitch at when it isn't her that I am bitching about. For being the first one I call in good times and bad - for being a mother and a best friend!
Jamie - for being there for 13 years now. From middle school, high school, margarita study dates with Melinda Latch's id in college to now being grown ups - at least for the most part we try to be! For coming to Nashville - I don't know what I would do if she was still in Jackson! For loving me, putting up with me, listening to me vent, and being there day or night, for sharing some of the best times together, to supporting each other in the worst times, and for bringing Brady - my handsome lil nephew into my life...
Addison Mckenzie Reece - don't get me wrong I love all the new babies in my life - but this little girl stole my heart 6 years ago, she's the creator of "Bebe" age 9-10 months (Jan 2003) and she's MY girl - just ask her...
................................................... and so much more!

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