Thursday, August 28, 2008


Coming to Nashville - Who's excited?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wrapping Up Summer

My niece Ava's first birthday party had to be postponed a week, as she caught hand, foot and mouth disease a few days before her party. It is highly contagious to other kids, not so much adults. So my sister postponed her party a week.

But, my mom and I, being the loving aunt and grandma that we are decided to go see Ava anyways.

What better time to get toys, than when you are sick and don't feel good?

Me, and my sister and Ava watched the movie Happy Feet (first time for me) Very cute movie and Ava loves the music and LOVES to dance.

Her party was postponed to this past Sat. I just could not believe she is one already this year has flown by! Ava loves Dora the Explorer and got lots of Dora gifts - a Dora doll, couch, a Dora Car.

There was cupcakes and presents and lots of sweet little babies.

Isabelle feeding her Mom, Nicki some cake.

Ava & Isabelle are both walking now "tenatively." Not full speed walkers but can take a few steps unassisted.

Birthday Girl is in stripes

Brady is 6 months and a super speedy crawler.

That's the latest on the babies. Isabelle's first birthday is next Sat!

Nothing exciting going on in law school. A fellow student's husband works for the jail and has invited us to "go through the booking" process. Unless, that equals extra credit you can count me out!

I missed Church last week due to family being in town and we were all in Mount Juliet - which was disappointing because I'll be missing this Sunday too for Baby Girl #2's birthday. Luckily my church is really cool and has cds of the sermon so you can catch up on what ya missed. I am so blessed to have found Cross Point, I truly believe it is "what" I am looking for in a church. It helps that I have friends that go there and that my boyfriend started going when I did and he loves it too. But, trust me that is not WHY I would pick a church. I will always visit my friends' churches but if it is not for me I would not continue to go just because my friends do.