Monday, October 26, 2009

so tired

I know I've slacked on here. But I have been so tired! Finals season is here - I have 2 finals next week and 2 finals the following week and I am starting to freak out.

Our semesters run Feb - Nov and my brain has completely eliminated all things learned Feb - Aug... After all
I had to make room for important things like - Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice (which I have a love/hate relationship with) I mean really - did you have to kill George and fire Izzy - give me a break!

and make time for Ava and Isabelle (I promise pumpkin patch pictures are coming!)
and make time for Rich - my poor sweet boyfriend, who is so kindly putting up with me during finals season :)

But seriously back to school: it's just too much to remember so I feel like I am relearning and studying all at the same time.
Property, and Remedies, and Evidence Oh My!

But I did have a study buddy on Friday night:
I babysat my bosses 9 week old little boy Rett
Isn't he a doll!?
I taught him all kinds of fun law school stuff.
He loved it - can't you tell!?

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Suburban Turmoil said...

Hope your finals went well- That's a lot of work!