Monday, August 31, 2009


Hello Fall Weather - didn't expect to see you so soon! But if you must come - please bring your friend FOOTBALL Season!!!
This has been the weirdest August. It was 58 degrees this morning when I got up!
2 years ago - It rarely got below 100 degrees the whole month of August...

Maybe that's because my sister and cousin were 9 months pregnant & God has a sense of humor :)

But, seriously where did summer go? Wasn't May yesterday... was it really almost 4 months ago... Geez! In August my girls (Ava & Isabelle) turned 2. TWO - that is officially toddler - not baby... :( That means running, hopping, dancing, singing, and sentences... Wow time flies... The kids got to see Elmo live for their birthday. They LOVED it.

Aren't their matching dresses sweet?!!

Isabelle was a little nervous at first, but warmed up quickly. She said "Mommy... Les' Go, Mommy bye bye..." and then realized how cool Sesame Street really is!

Ava was in heaven - waiving and interacting with the characters. Yelling "Hi Sunny" (Elmo's friend the sunflower)

And Brady would have gotten on stage with them if he could have!

And my little brother turned 18 on the 21st... ok talk about time flying... He is NOT supposed to be a senior in high school! Glad this getting older thing is affecting everyone else and not me!! Hope it's not contagious!

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