Monday, May 11, 2009

My weekend

a GREAT weekend

Friday after work I drove to Jackson, and got to spend the weekend with my family (long overdue!!) Friday night I got to watch my brother's high school hockey team play. They lost. Unfortunately their very best player had to go and get himself expelled from school and thus off the hockey team - so his team has had trouble figuring out what to do with the puck once they get it (this kid was one of the league's leading scorers)

Sat - we took my stepdad's mom to eat at CrackerBarrell who by the has the best Fried Okra!! and I got to spend the day with my mom, Addison (see birthday girl below) and my brother Chris. We went to Memphis and had dinner at my Grandma's house and then took Addison home and successfully got lost - thank you very much GPS for failing to say "hey I don't know that address" instead it picked it's own idea of an address and sent us there. I love nothing better than driving around backroads of TN at 9:00 at night getting GOOD and lost!

Sunday - went to church and I got to see all of Bethany's little girls (who are growing SO fast)
Addison is 7 and will be going to 2nd grade this fall;
Kali will be 5 in September and starts Kindergarden in the fall;
and beautiful little Krisaley will be 4 in December.

After church had lunch with my Mom for Mother's Day... and I got to take her car home. And had to say goodbye to my Grand Am. (sniff...tear) I loved that Grand Am it was the first car I ever got to pick out!! but the Saturn that I returned home with has 65,000 miles not 155,000 as did my sad little Grand Am. I am glad we were able to part ways without me hating it. (a.k.a it dying and being unable to be revived on the side of the road... like my last car)

*side note* more importantly...

To the best mom in the world - hope you enjoy YOUR beach glasses (not Tommy or Chris YOURS); hope you can come up next weekend; hope Rich can scalp us tickets to see ELTON JOHN/ BILLY JOEL and hope you know yesterday, today and always how much you are loved and appreciated!!

and - a little bragging on my baby girl Addison - who is NUMBER 2 in the whole school for top AR points - that would be K - 5th grade! and only ONE fifth grader is beating her. Pretty impressive for a first grader! She takes after her Bebe :)

playing in lipgloss (she is SUCH a girlie girl!)


Staci said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I could eat some friend okra about now-yum!

Cascia said...

It does sound like you had a busy weekend. Your little girl is adorable. Have a wonderful week!

Suburban Turmoil said...

Addison is lucky to have such a devoted God Mother. :)

Night Owl Mama said...

very smart girl she is. wowo

~Katie said...

Hey BB.. Thanks for visiting my Blog.. you live in Nashville. Yaaa. We live in Franklin!! So Happy to meet you and WAY TO GO Addison on the AR Books! :) Looking forward to following you and living vicarioulsy, a younger, free life! :)