Monday, February 16, 2009

Little things that make my day

I am easily amused and I think life is more fun when you stop and enjoy or laugh at the little things!

  • Silly conversations:

Conversation Friday with a co-workers (an attorney and another legal assistant)

Rita: When I was little my mom used to say "You poor persecuted thing."

Max: Oh, how funny, was that when you decided you wanted to work in the legal field when you grew up?

Rita: No! When I was little I wanted to be PAT BENATAR!!

(she said this with such seriousness - I laughed til I cried)

  • Shout outs in other people's Blogs:

(so I return the favor - Thanks Natalie!!)

I would like to introduce you to one of the MANY talented artists I have met in Nashville:

I met Natalie when I worked at 2 Doors Down, a sports bar that used to be on Demonbreun. Natalie & her band played there almost every weekend. If you have never heard her - please please go to her site now and check her out. SUPER TALENTED!

At her shows she does an awesome mix of her stuff & fun covers (my favorite - her version of CRAZY) and is truly a great entertainer! I have had the privelege of seeing her play MANY nights at the sports bar, the Jack Daniels Saloon at Opry Mills, and even at a Predators Game.

Natalie provided me with a new football good luck charm/recipe - go to her blog to check it out!

  • I'm going to a Predators Game tonight
  • and last but not least - things to make my day:

Getting to have lunch with my Mom!

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