Thursday, February 5, 2009

Allergic Reaction

It all started with a little stomache ache. For 2 days I thought I had a touch of food poisoning.

Next day itchy splotchy wrists - this only lasted an hour.

Next night itchy splotchy arms - 2 hours later - itchy red eyes - legs - back - from the neck down covered in HIVES :(

Look how purple and swollen my eyelids are!

any my neck was very red and itchy!

After 2 hours 2 benedryls I drove myself to the ER and had the best ER experience imaginable.
(except for the $80 co-pay)
They got me back right away and within 20-30 minutes they had an IV in me pumping me with Super benedryl, pepcid (who know that would help?) and steriods.
30 minutes later I was feeling WAY better and the red was now a faint pink and the welps and hives were fading!

Today feeling brand new!

What's your worst/ or best ER experience?


Jeremy said...

Wow! That's something.

Here's my worst. Cade got Rotovirus when he was about a year and a half old and we had to rush him to the hospital. They rushed him back and the doctor came in immediately. That was the best part. Then everything went downhill. I had to yell at the P.A. to get them to put an IV in him because he was so sick and dehydrated that he couldn't keep anything down. They kept giving him water and popcicles for the first hour, which he just puked up as soon as he swallowed. By the time they decided he needed an IV his veins were "dried up". The nurse had to stick him and dig around to find a spot to put it.

Then, they weren't sure what was wrong with him and thought he might have meningitis and started questioning us if he had been complaining of his neck hurting. We looked up and saw literally about 20 people (from doctors, to nurses, to lab techs) standing outside his room and we thought he was dying. It was horrible. Needless to say, we only go to the ER here for EXTREME emergencies now. If we have time to spare, we will drive to Nashville.

Natalie Stovall said...

My goodness. That is RIDICULOUS. You poor thing!!! My roommate in college had some kind of allergic reaction that caused her whole body to become splotchy and break out into whelps, too. We had tried everything the night before - Benadryl an oatmeal bath... anything to sooth the pain. The next morning she came to my door and said "CALL 911" and then passed out - dropped to the ground in front of my door.
I had never called the ER before. I rode in the ambulance with her, and just like you - within 30 minutes to an hour ALL of it was under control.
Drugs are amazing. She was starting to have a hard time breathing because her throat was so swollen. But she was fine as soon as they started taking care of her.
Wow. Your blog just brought that all back. That was bananas.
Don't think she has had ANY issues since.

I am so glad you are BOTH better.

So I posted the Tortilla Soup recipe JUST for you!!! Thanks for giving me a good blog idea for today :) And let me know if you make it!