Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yikes! I am not a very good blogger. Tragically school and work are kicking my tail. Since my last post let's update:

April: Easter, Easter egg hunting with Ava & Isabelle, My birthday (27 - that is too close to 30 - where does time go), and finished 3 Law school classes: TN Con Law, First Amendment Law & Domestic Relations

Aren't they the cutest?

May: Nashville was hit with a devastating flood; the Cumberland River downtown rose from 19 ft to an insane 51 ft and washed from 1st Ave all the way up to 5th & 6th Ave - think from Titans Stadium to BridgeStone Arena. My office building was flooded, which meant a week off work. During that week Rich & I helped our church volunteer teams go by donating supplies for families who's homes were flooded & snacks for volunteers. That Sat (after the flood) we went with the church teams to actually work in the homes - Ripping up carpet, tearing out dry wall... One of the saddest things I've ever seen - In the first 2 weeks after the flood my church CrossPoint had over 2000 volunteers & worked on over 300 houses. So proud and honored to be a part of a church who believes that being Christians doesn't just happen on Sundays... You want to reach people - show them Jesus daily. Be HIS hands and feet...

Also in May: My little brother graduated high school (from an academic high school with highest honors - SO proud of him!!!)

THEN....I went on a Cruise to the Bahamas Memorial Day Weekend with my honey:

Alright back to work now....
Happy SUMMER to all of you!!

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