Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sweet Summertime

It's a smile, It's a kiss, It's a sip of wine, It's summer time.....
Kenny Chesney has a way with words
Summer is passing too quickly as it always does! Work is crazy busy and I have reached the 1/2 way point of my first year of law school. It's all I thought it would be and more! HARD... Lots of studying, even when you feel you can study NO more, you haven't studyied enough. It is interesting though - Most of the time! There are some topics that put me to sleep. The current snoozer award goes to Constitutional Criminal Procedure. Criminal Law is interesting but Miranda warnings, search and seizure, right to counsel, all the stupid little mistakes that can be made by the police that get a horrible criminal set free. blah blah blah - I definitely believe everyone deserves a FAIR trial but the theories of how can we hide/ suppress evidence that clearly proves your guilty (aka OJ Simpson trial) doesn't seem like such a good idea! I believe the justice system has taken it a little too far. "oops, the police didn't tell you that you have the right to remain silent" ok... Your confession to hacking your wife and kids with a chainsaw doesn't count... I mean seriously!
so yea... that's been my summer - Lots and lots of studying!
My boyfriend Rich left for Alaska yesterday, which is not all snow and ice- year round, contrary to popular belief. The weather is supposed to be 60-70 degrees while he's there. He'll be there a month. I'm so jealous. He gets to work at a resort with his best friend. He assures me that there are NO women in Alaska and if there are, then they are burly. While it's nice to get a break, one month is way too long and I will miss him a LOT! But, it leaves me with more free time to study, so I guess I will survive.
Things to look forward to this month - August 9th - me & a few co-workers are going to a Nashville Sounds game (minor league baseball)

Then August 16th is my niece's first birthday party and Aug. 30th is my cousin's little girl's first b-day. I cannot believe those girls will be one. This time last year their mothers were dying - Temperature in TN stayed over 100 degrees for most of August and Nicki & Kristie were 9 months pregnant... Not happy campers! Isabelle is on the left and Ava is on the right for both pictures.

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